Timeless Places is founded upon the simple premise that the current and now long-standing trends in architecture and urban design are both unsustainable and unacceptable. Traditions, now in some cases millenia old, are in need of serious re-examination. Why? For two reasons: Traditions are behind many of the great places worldwide, regardless of culture, and because they produce environments that resonate with humans. Traditional places are what we like because they help us to connect to our surroundings--where we live and whom we meet--and because they put us on a continuum that connects us intrinsically with the past, present and future. The current notion that traditions belong to history and not to the present is defenseless. Traditions transcend time--it is the here and now that concerns us. What matters is: Does our environment satisfy us now?

What is needed is a much-heightened awareness that something CAN and MUST be done about it.  The current obsession with individual creativity frequently comes at the expense of the common good. What is needed is a return to a commitment to build places that honor the collective human experience. We do not want, and cannot abide, environments that celebrate ambiguity, indifference and destruction.  We need HARMONY. We need ORDER. We need to be SUSTAINABLE.

Above all, we need BEAUTY . Some beauty is subjective. The beauty we are talking about is UNIVERSAL. Beauty is what inspires us. It lends a certain reverence to places, and more importantly, to those who inhabit or merely frequent those places, including ourselves. Because of the tremendous value it creates, beauty compels us to preserve.

Our current objective is to raise awareness of many of the leading thinkers and practitioners of traditional architecture and urbanism, and connect you with people who are concerned about our shared built environment.

Blog entries are found on the WordPress site. Feel free to nod or shake your head, and let us know either way what you think.

If these ideas are important to you, or at the very least, interesting, pass them along. And contact us to let us know how you would like to help or how we can be involved in what you’re doing. We need partners, we need allies, and we need input. We’ll have links to things you should read, ideas you should hear, and people you should know. Please send us the same.

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