One of the most difficult aspects of what we do involves the tussle with the opposition, and the perceived enormity of the task. It can hold us back. It mustn't. We need to have a louder voice.

For those of you who struggle in this area, read Seth Godin's Linchpin to understnad how badly you are needed.

Then, it would not hurt at all to get familiar with one, two, or three of Steven Pressfield's masterful works on combating the Lizard Brain. They are all similar in message, but fast reads, and truly revelatory. They'll help you slay the dragon of inertia.

Finally, a recent publication produced by Steve Mouzon, called New Media For Designers + Builders, is a tremendous tool for reaching out to clients and connecting with present and future allies. Frankly, it was the inspiration for the creation of this site. Are you maximizing your potential? Probably not. Steve's insights will prove invaluable. You can read my full review here.

For now, here are links to some other sources that will provide nutritious food for thought:

A thorough analysis of zeitgeist-thinking is here.

A great read pertaining to the risks of falling in love with Le Corbusier is here.

One of the best video essays of which I am aware is Why Beauty Matters, presented on the BBC by Roger Scruton.

That's a good start for now.

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